Core Module

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The following learning units form the basic introduction to the PIQ diploma. If the student has already completed them via the Broking Practice certificate, or as stand alone units in the past, they are not required to be repeated.

Topics are centered around professionalism, and ethics as well as reminding the student of the advice process and principles of risk management that should be central to the broking process.

Allow 30 days for completion of each online short course, and attendance to the workshops when available. Assessment is available on your learning dashboard, by way of brief online quiz or short written answers.

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Learning Units Included

Ethics - Workshop


Gain a clear understanding of some of the ethical challenges in the insurance/financial advisers industry.  

Privacy, Ethics & Disclosure.  What do they have in common?

Learn how to behave ethically within the regulatory framework.


  • What is conflict
  • Understand why disclosure is important
  • What should be in disclosure statements
  • Understand professional conduct codes

The Professional and Effective Broker - Workshop


This workshop follows the behaving ethically workshop. It is the second in a series of three workshops.

Learn about how to improve your skills as a broker

Suitable as a refresher or for those with under 4 years as a broker.

  • Apply professional standards to your every day work.
  • Ensure your client gets the best possible service from you
  • Buy and place insurance effectively

The Advice Process


Brokers like any other financial adviser collect information on their clients to enable you to provide them the best solution. Doing this in a systematic manner improves your efficiency and effectiveness as a broker.
This internationally recognised process includes: 

  • gathering relevant financial information,
  • determining a client’s goals,
  • examining their current financial status and
  • creating a strategy, or plan, to assist them in achieving their objectives.
  • Build rapport and relate to clients
  • Why do i need a disclosure statement?
  • Considerations when developing your recommendations, How to present your recommendations professionally
  • What information should i be collecting, and how do I analysis it?

Principles of Risk Management - Workshop


The perfect workshop for anyone who is new to the life/risk insurance advice industry or for mortgage, general insurance or investment advisers who wish to add risk insurance to their service offering. It covers both the theory and practice of risk insurance.


  • Financial positions and goals,
  • Learn about the basics of risk
  • Application, underwriting and Implementation of risk
  • Client suitability, needs and hazards

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