Insurance Broking Practice Module

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Broker Practice Module

  • Begins with risk management and ethics all essential skills for a broker
  • Understanding how to negotiate a claim a to get the best results possible is covered in two short courses 
  • It is essential that all brokers understand the policy wording of commercial contract so this course introduces you to contract wording and implications. 

Allow 90 days for completion of these online short courses. Assessment is available on your learning dashboard, by way of brief online quiz or short written answers.

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Learning Units Included

Principles of Risk Management - Workshop


The perfect workshop for anyone who is new to the life/risk insurance advice industry or for mortgage, general insurance or investment advisers who wish to add risk insurance to their service offering. It covers both the theory and practice of risk insurance.


  • Financial positions and goals,
  • Learn about the basics of risk
  • Application, underwriting and Implementation of risk
  • Client suitability, needs and hazards

Ethics - Workshop


Gain a clear understanding of some of the ethical challenges in the insurance/financial advisers industry.  

Privacy, Ethics & Disclosure.  What do they have in common?

Learn how to behave ethically within the regulatory framework.


  • What is conflict
  • Understand why disclosure is important
  • What should be in disclosure statements
  • Understand professional conduct codes

The Professional and Effective Broker - Workshop


This workshop follows the behaving ethically workshop. It is the second in a series of three workshops.

Learn about how to improve your skills as a broker

Suitable as a refresher or for those with under 4 years as a broker.

  • Apply professional standards to your every day work.
  • Ensure your client gets the best possible service from you
  • Buy and place insurance effectively

Claims Principles


It is easy, when working with insurance products, to focus solely on the marketing and selling of those products.  A broker needs to remember that his/her role extends beyond the moment when a signature is placed on the bottom of a contract.

It extends to:

  • Following up on clients
  • The continual assessment of their client’s needs, and
  • To helping the client through the claim process if and when that time arises.

The Claims Principles Online Course will take you through the four stages:

  • Notifying the insurer
  • Insurer confirms facts 
  • Insurer makes a decision, and
  • Insurer settles claim.
  • Your legal obligations
  • To understand the four stages of the claims process
  • Your role in the claims

Negotiating for Results


Negotiating is a fundamental fact of life at any level. Whether you are working on a project or fulfilling support duties, this course will provide you with a basic comfort level to negotiate with both internal and external clients. This course includes techniques to promote effective communications and gives you techniques for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving.

CPD Points: 3

  • Understand body language
  • Learn The phases of negotiation and how to be successful.
  • Learn what negotiation is, and about different types of negotiation
  • Learn tips on Solving objections and closing the process.

The Advice Process


Brokers like any other financial adviser collect information on their clients to enable you to provide them the best solution. Doing this in a systematic manner improves your efficiency and effectiveness as a broker.
This internationally recognised process includes: 

  • gathering relevant financial information,
  • determining a client’s goals,
  • examining their current financial status and
  • creating a strategy, or plan, to assist them in achieving their objectives.
  • Build rapport and relate to clients
  • Why do i need a disclosure statement?
  • Considerations when developing your recommendations, How to present your recommendations professionally
  • What information should i be collecting, and how do I analysis it?

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