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The following videos are recorded workshops and webinars available for your purchase. They can be viewed within the learning module page of your account dashboard, in your own time. Each recording has a short quiz or simple assessment for completion once you have watched it, in order for structured CPD points to be awarded. Recorded webinars are available where live sessions are not planned.

Complaint Handling Process and Skills Session 1

1.00 CPD Points

What does a compliant internal complaint process look like and why is it important (besides being a FAP licence requirement).

Complaint Handling Webinar

1.00 CPD Points

This webinar looks at how a compliant and efficient internal complaint process looks like and introduces participants to the skills to increase the chances of an early resolution.

Connecting with Your Customer

1.00 CPD Points

The cornerstone of any good negotiation is being able to ‘get your messages’ through to the other party. In this session participants will learn the skills of mirroring behaviour to connect with the other party and moving positions to change perspective.

Contract Works - Medium and Large

1.50 CPD Points

Contracts works is not an off the shelf product. This workshop will increase your confidence in building cover for medium to large complex projects. Presented by experienced contract works specialist this is a must for anyone who has clients who manage medium to large construction projects. - Duration: 1.45

Contract works - Residential and small commercial

1.50 CPD Points

This course covers both the theory and practice of Contract Works Insurance and provides a broad but detailed overview of the industry and its component parts, players and products. - Duration:1.20

Create a Sales Strategy to Achieve Superior Growth

1.00 CPD Points

You will learn how to Create a Sales Strategy To Achieve Superior Growth - Duration 1:18

Creating an elevator pitch and bio that intrigues & connects

1.00 CPD Points

During this session we will look at the elements of an elevator pitch and bio that intrigues and connects.

Customising an influence strategy

1.00 CPD Points

How can you generate leads in a way that not only suits your own business style, but also that of your market. How do you know if the investment into a lead generation strategy is providing you an acceptable return? How do you differentiate yourself powerfully from your competitors?

Cyber Insurance - Legal Issues

1.00 CPD Points

Cyber insurance is a growth area. Clients are increasingly concerned with data security (think: Mossack Fonseca, Wikileaks) and other risks linked to doing business using networked information technology. Cyber insurance is intended to address these risks. - Duration: 0.58

Dealing with difficult people – tips and techniques

1.00 CPD Points

Unreasonable and demanding conduct by difficult clients and complainants is on the rise. Also, unreasonable conduct can take an inordinate amount of your time and money.












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