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The following videos are recorded workshops and webinars available for your purchase. They can be viewed within the learning module page of your account dashboard, in your own time. Each recording has a short quiz or simple assessment for completion once you have watched it, in order for structured CPD points to be awarded. Recorded webinars are available where live sessions are not planned.

Customising an influence strategy

1.00 CPD Points

How can you generate leads in a way that not only suits your own business style, but also that of your market. How do you know if the investment into a lead generation strategy is providing you an acceptable return? How do you differentiate yourself powerfully from your competitors?

Cyber Insurance - Legal Issues

1.00 CPD Points

Cyber insurance is a growth area. Clients are increasingly concerned with data security (think: Mossack Fonseca, Wikileaks) and other risks linked to doing business using networked information technology. Cyber insurance is intended to address these risks. - Duration: 0.58

Dealing with difficult people – tips and techniques

1.00 CPD Points

Unreasonable and demanding conduct by difficult clients and complainants is on the rise. Also, unreasonable conduct can take an inordinate amount of your time and money.

Dealing with Emotions in Negotiations (including debriefing)

1.00 CPD Points

This webinar is webinar 5 which is part of a negotiation course that consists of six webinars each around 60 minutes long. At the end of each webinar there will be a short assignment. Upon completion of the full course attendees will be issued with a completion certificate. There is also the option of undertaking any of the webinars individually and not as part of the certificate course as each is ‘self-contained’. There is also an additional complaint handling webinar for those interested.

Detecting Deception

1.00 CPD Points

Have you ever felt that during a conversation or interview the person speaking to you is not telling you everything but you can’t pinpoint the problem? In this fascinating session participants will be introduced to the practice of Scientific Content Analyses (SCAN). Used all over the world as an investigative tool SCAN shows you how to recognise, by using some easy to learn techniques, if someone is being deceptive.

Differentiating in a Crowded Marketplace

1.00 CPD Points

There have always been a lot of independent insurance brokers and agents in the marketplace, just as there are today. But the competition seems to be increasing daily, thanks largely to the proliferation of digital technology and online marketing.

Driving Growth: Turning Your Part-Time Clients Into 100% Full-time Clients

1.00 CPD Points

The financial services industry is currently facing several key challenges: increasing competition, industry consolidation, rapidly changing technology, a soft market (for rates, premiums, and fees), and an increasing number of regulatory requirements. All these factors make it difficult for firms to produce consistent, positive, organic growth.

Ethical Dilemmas

1.50 CPD Points

Where do we draw the ethical line? It can be like finding a needle in a hay stack or drawing a line in the sand. What is ethics? What are the ethical challenges in the insurance and financial services industry? - Duration:1.26

Fabulous Time Saving Tricks for Databases & Lists

1.00 CPD Points

If you want to learn easy, unforgettable clever tips and tricks to improve the way you set up and work with your database and lists, then you must attend this webinar.

FREE - Prospecting Master Class

1.50 CPD Points

You already know you should be doing some prospecting for new clients. But there’s too much other stuff going on. So you put it off.











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