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The following videos are recorded workshops and webinars available for your purchase. They can be viewed within the learning module page of your account dashboard, in your own time. Each recording has a short quiz or simple assessment for completion once you have watched it, in order for structured CPD points to be awarded. Recorded webinars are available where live sessions are not planned.

Professional & Effective Broker

1.00 CPD Points

Learn about how to improve your skills as a broker. This workshop is one in a 3 part series. Ethical Dilemmas & The Ins & Outs of Insurance Broking are the other 2.

Putting pen to paper - how to write a good letter to deal with a complaint

1.00 CPD Points

Everybody in business receives a complaint from time to time. Many people’s natural reaction to a complaint is to be defensive and sometimes angry. Unfortunately a defensive response is unlikely to resolve a complaint and may make matters worse, with the complaint escalating to FSCL or other external dispute resolution scheme.

Quit apologising, over-explaining and justifying

1.00 CPD Points

Many women (and men!) hold themselves back by constantly second guessing themselves and demonstrating cautious behaviour. This often presents itself as apologetic language, but also as spending considerable time over-explaining or justifying a point.

Reaching Out: How to Obtain Appointments With Prospective Clients

1.00 CPD Points

There are two ways to acquire new clients, either they come to you or you go to them. In this webinar you will learn how to successfully reach out to prospective clients and convert them into appointments to drive new business growth for your business. You will discover the techniques top insurance brokers, advisors and agents use to quickly build overflowing sales pipelines filled with future great clients.

Recent Cases from the Courts in 2016

1.00 CPD Points

Like to know what's been going on in legal circles for Brokers this year then this is the workshop for you

Recent Travel Insurance Cases

1.00 CPD Points

Complaints to FSCL about declined travel insurance claims are on the rise.

Reinsurance 101

1.50 CPD Points

Ever wondered how reinsurance works> What is it, and why do insurers by it. - Duration 1:23

Risk Analysis – how to protect the pathway to your goals.

1.00 CPD Points

Most of us set goals in our personal and business lives. However, whilst we often take action to ensure we reach a goal in our personal lives, what we often fail to do in our business lives is to look at the risks that may prevent us reaching those goals.

Smarter. Faster. Better. Cheaper

1.00 CPD Points

A cornucopia of wonderful, simple tips and tricks on how to use every day, free Microsoft Cloud apps tools better to achieve freasy (free and easy) gains in income, time management and customer service.

So, You want to be a mediator?

1.00 CPD Points

Learning the basics of mediation and how to apply them to client interactions











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