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The following videos are recorded workshops and webinars available for your purchase. They can be viewed within the learning module page of your account dashboard, in your own time. Each recording has a short quiz or simple assessment for completion once you have watched it, in order for structured CPD points to be awarded. Recorded webinars are available where live sessions are not planned.

Technology Liability

1.00 CPD Points

This webinar/workshop will look at some of the key trends in the technology industry, some of the emerging risks and key coverage considerations for brokers involved in placing technology liability policies.- Duration: 0.35

The 7 Habits of Top Producers: How to Go From Good to Thriving

1.00 CPD Points

Boosting new business performance is a growing problem for insurance brokers, agents and advisors. Fortunately, however, you don’t have to suffer from disappointing new business results once you learn the seven habits of top producers.

The Drone takes off: Growth in the UAV space and insurance solutions for this emerging risk

1.00 CPD Points

UAV or a drone is a growing market here in NZ. In this session we will see what is UAV and its broad applications in different industries. We believe this is a growing risk worldwide and here in NZ which also creates an opportunity in the insurance space. We will also cover the risk implications of this emerging area and cover the UAV insurance product which is a comprehensive insurance solution covering both first and third party aspects.

The FSCL conciliation process – the why and how to conciliate a case & the benefits of conciliation

1.00 CPD Points

In this webinar, Stephanie will talk about what conciliation is, and FSCL’s conciliation process within the context of FSCL’s overall investigation process.

The Ins and Outs of Insurance Broking

2.00 CPD Points

This recorded webinar part of a 3 part series. Kevin Allen discusses the insurance broking profession and includes tips around how to deal with insurers and clients. Even if you haven't seen the other two in the series, this content has relevance to all brokers. - Duration: 1.06 + 0.46

The meaning of “damage” and other interesting issues in insurance claim cases

1.00 CPD Points

FSCL will discuss a recent case where it had to consider the meaning of “damage” relating to a material damage claim.

The World of Insurance

1.50 CPD Points

From the very origins of insurance through to the world of insurance as we know it today. This workshop will open your eyes to the importance of insurance and, with a focus on the Christchurch earthquake as an example, the valuable contribution it makes to our global economy. Duration 1.11

Tips for avoiding complaints

1.00 CPD Points

Whilst complaints are a great way to improve your business it is good to learn from them and reduce the likelihood of complaints especially those that can escalate.

Undertaking the Negotiation

1.00 CPD Points

This webinar is webinar 6 which is part of a negotiation course that consists of six webinars each around 60 minutes long. At the end of each webinar there will be a short assignment. Upon completion of the full course attendees will be issued with a completion certificate. There is also the option of undertaking any of the webinars individually and not as part of the certificate course as each is ‘self-contained’. There is also an additional complaint handling webinar for those interested.

Up Your Brand - personality based personal branding

1.00 CPD Points

Discover your personality type and what sets you apart from the rest.











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