Short Courses

Following is a list of online courses offered by Professional lQ College. Course material will be made available on your dashboard once purchased, and assessment is required by way of written answers or online quiz, in order for CPD points to be awarded. Study guides range from 20 - 70 pages (most are 40-50 pages) depending on the topic, and you should allow 30-130 minutes to complete the assessment work, again depending on the topic and assessment method. There is a maximum of 30 days for completion.

200 - Trusts, Wills & EPAs for Intermediate to Advanced Advisors

14.00 CPD Points

This is a unit to represent the second set of modules in the TeachUs Asset Protection and Estate Planning courses.

Advanced Project Management

3.00 CPD Points

It is easy, during a project, to forget the manager part of your project manager title amongst all the other activity. It is crucial, however, that you hone your management skills because they are an important part of your success as a project manager.

Business Insurance Combo

12.00 CPD Points

The Business Insurance Combo is designed for those new to a commercial role or looking to refresh their knowledge in the most common insurances that are vital for most New Zealand businesses. It includes 4 short courses made up of; Material Damage, Business Interruption, Commercial Motor & Marine Cargo.

Business Leadership

3.00 CPD Points

At the core of leadership is the ability to envision goals, create a strategy to meet those goals and persuade others to follow you as you set about to achieve them, but the responsibility entails much more.

Business Structures and Laws Affecting Business in NZ

3.00 CPD Points

This short course gives brokers an understanding of how businesses in New Zealand can be structured and of the laws and rules with which businesses must comply. It focuses on the main business structures and the laws and regulations that most apply to the insurance industry.

Claims Principles

3.00 CPD Points

It is easy, when working with insurance products, to focus solely on the marketing and selling of those products. A broker needs to remember that his/her role extends beyond the moment when a signature is placed on the bottom of a contract.

Commercial Marine Hull

3.00 CPD Points

By working your way through this Professional IQ College short-course material, you will gain an overview knowledge of Commercial Hull Insurance within New Zealand, and gain an understanding of an overview of Typical International Hull Insurance Institute Clauses and terminology

Commercial Motor Insurance

3.00 CPD Points

Refresh yourself on the finer points of a commercial motor vehicle insurance policy wording

Communication in the Workplace

3.00 CPD Points

Communication is the key to your success, and not just at work. In every relationship throughout every sphere of your life, and throughout every moment, effective communication is vital.

Crime Insurance (including Employee Theft)

3.00 CPD Points

Businesses have always faced the risk of loss through employees or third parties stealing from them; hence the need for businesses to adopt some form of insurance protection. Crime insurance is a cover designed to manage the loss exposures resulting from criminal acts such as fraud and other forms of theft.






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