PIQ Diploma in Insurance Broking

The third in a series of Professional Qualifications for Insurance Brokers that specialises in the NZ context, policy wordings etc. The focus is on General & Business insurance including risk management and claims. The structure includes an elective module to give choice around management, soft skills or product knowledge topics.  The Qualification is intended for:

  • General Insurance brokers, Team Leaders and Management.
  • Some insurance or financial services background, looking to upskill or seek leadership positions.
  • Those with 3+ years’ broking or broker support experience.

The programme is flexible and includes some workshops and online short courses, with a primary focus on product knowledge and business skills. There are a range of levels within the programme to ensure that all students have at least a base level of skills and knowledge.

You should be able to complete the programme in 18-24 months. We allow a maximum of 30 days for each online component. 

Study guides range from 20 - 70 pages depending on the topic, (most are 40-50 pages) and you should allow 30-130 minutes to complete each assessment, again depending on the topic and assessment method.

Workshops are provided by online recordings.

The programme is divided into 4 modules of which three are compulsory and one has some electives in. The elective product knowledge allows you to choose nine topics from either management module or business cover module, to suit your interest or business needs.

The four modules are:

  • Core module
  • Broker Practice
  • Product knowledge
  • Elective product knowledge/management


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Enrol to complete the full programme

Strand Price

Diploma Full Qualification


For more experienced brokers or broking team leaders

$3,510.00 +GST Retail

Core Knowledge

Core Module

The following modules forms the basic introduction to the PI diploma. If they are included in the Broking practice certificate, and not required to be repeated if the student is already competent.
PIQW4 - Ethics - Workshop
PIQW5 - The Professional and Effective Broker - Workshop
TSC13 - The Advice Process
PIQW1 - Principles of Risk Management - Workshop
Core Module
$570.00 +GST Retail

Broking Practise

This set of courses are compulsory broking practice courses. They expand on the basic principles of insurance with some additional topics relevant to the insurance and broking processes.
PIQ2 - Regulations for Financial Services
TSC5 - The Law and Insurance
PIQW13 - Business Risk Analysis - Workshop
PIQ9 - Risk Management and Underwriting
PIQW14 - Re-Insurance - Workshop
PIQ13 - The Renewal Process
PIQ4 - Claims Principles
Broking Practise
$630.00 +GST Retail

Product Knowledge

The following courses are compulsory commercial product knowledge components, including in depth business interruption series, and some additional liability subjects. If these courses have been completed previously they are not required to be repeated.
PIQW18 - Business Interruption - 6 Workshops
PIQW2 - Contract Works - Residential & Small Commercial- Workshop
PIQW15 - Contract Works Advanced - Workshop
PIQW16 - Material Damage - Workshop
PIQ12 - Mobile Plant and Machinery
TSC2 - Commercial Motor Insurance
TSL5 - Professional Indemnity
TSL6 - General Liability
TSL2 - Directors and Officers
Product Knowledge
$1,830.00 +GST Retail
Core Elective

Diploma Elective

Designed to give competent brokers a choice about what they study, based on where their interests lie. Choose any 9 from 17 of our list of commercial business cover or management modules, depending on your preference. On enrolment the following learning unit will appear on your learning plan to remind you to tell us your preference.
ElectInfoDip - Ins Broker Diploma Elective Options
Diploma Elective
$870.00 +GST Retail
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