Recognising Previous Study 

You may be eligible for credit recognition or relevant work experience toward the qualification or certificate you wish to study. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process used to recognise your existing experience and skills in formal qualifications.

If you believe you are eligible for RPL then you must complete the RPL Application Form before enrolling. You will be asked to provide detail of the prior learning including what the course was, where it was completed and who awarded it.

You will need to identify which aspects of the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services it relates to.

Please note that in order to be eligible for Professional IQ recognition of prior learning, academic qualifications (e.g.university degrees etc.) will only be considered if completed less than 10 years ago, and meet the current FMA Code of Professional Practise Alternative Guidelines For Qualifications.

Applications cannot be considered without evidence of qualifications held. Self-certified documents will not be accepted. Verified originals only will be accepted.

Photocopies of award certificates and transcripts must be certified as true copies of the originals by one of the following. (note only NZ degrees and qualifications will be accepted)

  •  A current member of IBANZ, IFA, PAA or a senior manager of your organisation
  •  A Justice of the Peace (JP)

They should be confirming by:

  • Signing the photocopy in person and printing their full name (printed electronically scanned signatures will not
    be accepted);
  • Indicating the capacity in which they are signing;
  • Confirming they have inspected the original and that the photocopy is a true representation; and providing
    their IBANZ/PAA/IFA membership number where applicable.

Full evidence should be included with your application (See above table for details). Professional IQ College may, at its discretion, ask for further information in order to process your application. If this is the case, you will be given details of the further evidence required and your application will be held open for a period of six months from the date of application to allow for this.

Once an award eligibility decision is made, the decision is final. Repeat applications for the same qualification will not
be accepted.

Recognition of Current Competence

Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) is the way in which we recognise the experience you have gained in the workplace, and self-learning. If you are able to demonstrate that you already have the skills and knowledge we measure for this programme, you can choose to be assessed through our RCC assessment route.

If you have work experience, life experience or previous informal or formal education or training courses which may be relevant to your programme of study, you may qualify to gain credits towards units in a formal qualification. 

You will need to provide verified evidence in the form of a portfolio of evidence that you have met the learning outcomes of the course. You will be assessed against the identified competency standards and collect evidence that supports your competence. The types of evidence could include, but is not limited to:

  • Work samples
  • References and testimonials from experienced referees
  • Qualifications and certified results
  • Courses completed with course outlines; reflective journals, explanatory training notes, etc. that you have written, relating to education, training courses, seminars and workshops you have attended
  • Evidence of work achievements that can be verified

Completion of this application does not mean the College is bound to offer you admission to this pathway. It is designed so that the College can assess the information you provide and to decide:

  • Whether you are a suitable student for assessment by way of recognition of Current competency
  • Which parts or elements of the standards that contributes to the New Zealand Certificate may be satisfied by way of recognition of Current competency. 

On receipt of your completed application and the application fee, the College will evaluate your application. The College will advise you of its decision(s) within 15 working days. If the College accepts your application, it will also advise you:

  • Which parts or outcomes of the standards could be assessed via recognition of Current Competency
  • The process that will be used for that assessment.
  • The fee required for the assessment. 

The Current competency process can involve:

  • A challenge assessment for the unit standards being recognised (this is based on the standard assessment for the unit standards being requested); or
  • Provision of workplace evidence of knowledge and experience that demonstrate the applicant has met the unit standard outcomes for the unit standards in question.
  • A combination of the above

The initial application fee is $150+gst. Additional costs will be advised for actual assessment once the initial application has been processed.

A supplementary document may be required following the initial application.


RCC is not available for all unit standards and you should refer to your Student Liaison for more information. If you need assistance contact us on (09) 306 1731.




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