Student Support Information

On enrolment you will be given an automated learning plan setting out the expected dates of achievement.  Student Liaison will be in regular contact with you to check on your progress. The Student Handbook will be available to you through your online dashboard and it contains all the information you will require as a student of the College.

It is very important that you study according to your study plan and that you communicate your progress to the Student Liaison Team and inform them of any changes in your circumstances. 

Students with Specific Needs

If you have specific learning needs, you will need to inform the College of these before you start your course or qualification. You will also need to inform your Student Liaison and assessor at the beginning of the Programme, before you complete any assessments.


The College will take into account your needs at the start of your programme and will endeavour to meet your learning requirements wherever possible. We will only be able to make reasonable adjustments to meet your needs and therefore require that you discuss these with the Academic Manager before starting your programme/module. For example we can provide course materials in an alternative media such as enlarged print or on computer disk, special enrolment conditions, or assessment help such as a reader/writer.


Extensions to Courses

You will be required to complete a course of study within a set period of time. This is displayed on your learning plan in your student dashboard. This means your assessment needs to be completed and achieved by that date.  Failure to complete by this date may incur costs chargeable on a weekly basis.

The Student Liaison person will work with you on achieving the plan. Each module, Learning unit, or full programme will have a completion date. 

If you require an extension, you must complete the Course Extension Application Form, prior to expiry of your learning unit, and  either email the form to Professional IQ College, or submit it using the chat function on your dashboard.

The reasons for applying for a course extension must be classified under one of the following categories: 


         Medical   To cover conditions of a serious nature e.g. hospitalisation, serious injury or serious illness 
  Bereavement      e.g. death of a close family member.
  Trauma   e.g. sudden loss of employment, severe disruption to domestic arrangements, victim of crime.


We may ask you to provide accompanying documentation from a recognised authority, including professionals registered with a professional body (such as social workers, medical practitioners, lawyers and psychologists), death notices or certificates, and police reports, to support your extension request.

If you cannot complete in the committed time frame no refund will be applicable, and you may incur additional costs in order to complete your study. 




As an NZQA accredited PTE we are required to provide assurances that students will successfully complete their programme of study within the time frames allocated. 

Study Commitment

We inform students on enrolment about the time commitments required for each unit of learning. Most students when enrolling will know what their obligations to work commitments will be in the coming months and will plan accordingly.

It is normal in a work environment to have busy periods of time, however this distance learning programme is designed to take into account students who are engaged both in full time work and part time study, and even students who are busy at work should be able to find the time to complete their enrolled courses, even when their work situation changes.


Professional IQ College employs academic, student support, IT, administrative and New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) accredited assessors to enable learners to achieve their distance learning programmes. These are some of the College’s financial obligations in terms of paying staff, including support services and assessors. When learners enrol and purchase programmes their fees are used towards the above costs even if they do not complete the entire programme. 

I've changed my mind.....

If you have enrolled in a course and no longer wish to be then you may be entitled to a refund.  

Applications to withdraw must be received in writing. The minimum requirements are set out in section 235 of the Education Act 1989. You need to notify Professional IQ College by email if you wish to withdraw from a course or programme. We count the date we receive your application to withdraw as the date of withdrawal. To apply to withdraw either fill in the Notification of Withdrawal Form (Form 5.11) found on this site or send us a detailed email with your request to [email protected]

You will be eligible for a refund of fees as set out in the table below, provided we have received your written application to withdraw within the specified timeframe and:

  • you have returned all the study guides
  • we have not received any work for assessment
  • your course has not been transferred
  • you haven’t attended any classes (where applicable).

 Domestic Students




NZQA Programme

(greater than 3 months duration)

Within 8 working days of enrolment start date.

Full refund less 10% of fees paid or $500 whichever is the lesser.


After 8 working days

No refund

NZQA Programme

(less than 3 months duration) or non NZQA programme(Own)

Within 8 working days of enrolment start date

Full refund less 10% paid as an administration fee.

After 8 working days

No refund


International Students 




NZQA Programme

(greater than 3 months duration)


Within 10 working days of enrolment start date Full refund less (up to 25% fees paid)*
After 10 working days No refund 


PIQ College reserves the right to charge an admin fee of $100 incl GST for time spent on enrolments when they are withdrawn before payment.

You may neither transfer your enrolment to another person, nor swap to another course of study without getting approval from Professional IQ College to do so. Any request will be considered on a case by case basis at Professional IQ Colleges discretion.


Cross Credits and Credit Transfers 

Credit transfer directly identifies which parts of a new qualification or course you may already have, based on your current qualifications and previous courses attended. Professional IQ College will recognise all NZQF qualifications awarded by other NZQA registered training organisations where applicable to the programme intended to be enrolled in.


Courses and qualifications that are not NZQF qualifications will have to go through an assessment process to determine whether they meet the same standards as the qualifications under NZQF. You must apply for credit transfer before enrolling. For further information on Credit Transfers, contact the Professional IQ College Administration Manager.




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