Rural Insurance

The Rural Insurance Package Contract can vary to a greater extent than other packages with many additional features designed specifically for a very diverse sector. This course is essential to brokers so that they are able to fully understand their clients needs, and can read each Insurers policy and recommend those that are perfectly tailored to the clients requirements. The Rural Sector is central to the national economy making this course greatly valued. By working through the material course participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Typical Sections of a Rural insurance policy

  • The implication of specific rural clauses to industry clients The course is designed for anyone in the insurance industry who wants to learn, or refresh their knowledge concerning, the basics of rural insurance policy clauses and structure.

$240 +GST*
$150 partner pricing.
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General Insurance CPD
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Time Frame
3 Hours
*Additional charges may apply to overseas students. Please enquire for confirmed pricing.
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