Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) (General Insurance)

Embark on your journey to becoming a skilled insurance advisor with the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5), focusing specifically on the General Insurance strand. This module is expertly designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of management concepts and the regulatory landscape that governs general insurance.

Achieving the Qualification

To obtain this certificate, you are required to complete the Core Knowledge module along with the General Insurance industry-based strand. This structure ensures a solid foundation in the principles of financial services, complemented by a focused expertise in general insurance.

Educational Scope and Learning Outcomes

This strand is meticulously tailored for those aspiring to enter or progress within the general insurance sector. This curriculum will give you an understanding of:

  1. Regulatory and Management Foundations: Develop a robust understanding of the legislative and regulatory environment related to general insurance, incorporating vital management concepts that influence policy and practice.

  2. Product and Service Mastery: Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the wide array of general insurance products and services, learning how to create fit-for-purpose solutions that address the needs of diverse clients.

  3. Risk Assessment and Client Solutions: Master the skills required to evaluate, analyse, and review client needs, objectives, and risk tolerance, employing an appropriate six-step advice process to formulate effective insurance solutions.

  4. Ethical Practices and Professional Standards: Adhere to the highest standards of good conduct, ethics, and professional obligations to deliver responsible and client-focused advice.

Career Pathways

Successfully completing this strand qualifies you for several professional roles within the financial services and insurance sectors, including:

  1. Insurance Adviser: Provide expert advice on a variety of general insurance options, helping clients protect their personal and business assets.

  2. Insurance Broker: Acts as an intermediary between clients and insurance companies, helping clients find the best insurance policy for their needs.

  3. Adviser Support: Play a crucial role in supporting senior advisers by managing client relationships and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Advance Your Career in General Insurance Advising

Achieving this certification not only enhances your professional qualifications but also establishes you as a knowledgeable and ethical professional capable of navigating the complexities of the general insurance industry. Whether you are starting a new career or seeking to advance in your current path, the General Insurance strand provides you with the essential tools and knowledge for success in this dynamic field.

To gain the qualification, you must complete Core Knowledge plus one industry based strand.
Course Type
NZQA Qualification
Time Frame
Learn and complete at your own pace of up to 5 Months
Self-paced learning for the Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) (General Insurance) strand with up to 5 months to complete.
Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) (General Insurance)
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New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services combining the Core Knowledge and Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) (General Insurance) strand with up to 10 months to complete.
NZ Certificate in Financial Services (Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) (General Insurance))
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Included Papers
Credits: 5
Level: 5

Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the general insurance services environment and concepts

Credits: 7
Level: 5

Gather and analyse information to determine client general insurance needs

Credits: 8
Level: 5

Apply knowledge of general insurance products and services to meet client needs

Credits: 5
Level: 5

Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the administrative processes required to provide general insurance services

Credits: 5
Level: 5

Provide advice in a general insurance context using the Six Step Process

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