Bridging the gap from education to recruitment

Prof IQ

Professional IQ College has partnered with Cultivate to get new Financial Advisors connected to employers that are looking for new recruits.

Our Solution ...

Initial Job Breifing and Success Profile Creation

begin the process by thoroughly understanding the job requirements and creating a success profile that outlines the essential qualifications and skills

Proactive Sourcing and Applicant Screening

Use a milti-channel approach to advertise the job opening, actively search for potential candidates and screen applicants based on their qualifications and relecance to the success profile.

Competency & Behavioral-Based Interviews and Selection

Conduct interviews that assess candidates' skills, experiences, and cultural fit, presenting a final shortlist to the employer for consideration.

Employer Interview Coordination and Background Checks

Efficiently coordinate employer interviews and perform background checks to ensure informed hiring decisions.

Candidate Feedback and Placement Offer Management

Provide respectful feedback to all candidates and manage the offer process for successful candidates.

Enrolment in Study Program

Engage successful candidates with IQ College to confirm their enrollment in the study program.

Commencement of Study and Onboarding Monitoring

Successful candidates begin their study program and are regularly monitored to integrate studies with work effectively.

Graduation and Employment

Graduates receive their Level 5 accreditation and embark on their employment journey fully prepared with acquired knowledge and skills.

Extraordinary things happen when opportunity and potential connect.

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